Kari Magnuson - Editing / Proofreading / Writing
I’m thorough.

I’m particular.

I’m detail-oriented.

I’m a proofreader. That’s my job.

With over 20 years of experience proofreading and copy editing magazines, websites, books, annual reports, technical journals, newsletters, brochures,
and educational texts, I’ll help you maintain:

  • consistency in your style and format, and
  • credibility in the eyes of your readers and clients.

I bring to each project:

  • grammatical proficiency,
  • effective communication with staff,
  • sensitivity to deadlines, and
  • an eagle eye for the details that make a difference.

I know how challenging it is to catch errors when, by final layout, you’re sometimes seeing the material for the umpteenth time!

Let me be your "fresh pair of eyes" on  upcoming projects.

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